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This Healthy Habits Workbook is a workbook containing everything you need to develop and stick with those habits that will help you become and STAY healthy. 

  • Introduction information  

  • Weekly goals (complete at your own pace)

  • Logs for you to track your progress 

  • Delicious and easy recipes

  • Information to and tips on how to incorporate these essential healthy habits, WHY they are important and how to make them LASTING habits


This Healthy Eating Guide helps you learn to create healthy meals and snacks and provides tons of amazing recipes to get you started.

  • Learn the most important nutrition information and how to apply it in your own life

  • Examples of how to build your own healthy meals with foods YOU love

  • Understand satiety vs fullness and how to STOP overeating

  • 11 healthy and easy breakfast ideas

  • 11 healthy and easy lunch ideas

  • 13 healthy and easy dinner recipes

  • 15 healthy and easy snack ideas

You will love how easy and effortless this guide makes healthy eating for you!

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