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Healthy Habits Self Paced Course

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  • Heal your relationship with food

  • Stop over-eating and bingeing

  • Feel IN CONTROL of food 

  • Create a healthy lifestyle + habits that are actually sustainable forever 

  • Learn to love your body 

  • Heal your metabolism

  • Discover HOW to get to your healthiest and happiest weight

You can work through the modules at your own pace and you have access to them forever!

Workbook Cover.png

Healthy Habits Workbook


This workbook is an all in one guide to help you FINALLY reach and stick with those health goals you just can't seem to master. This workbook gives you EVERYTHING you need to create a healthy LIFE that you love.


It will guide you week by week through HOW to create healthy habits that will actually last! Each week focuses on a different healthy habit and has tons of tips, information, guidance, recipes, and resources. 

Week 1: Eating More Veggies 

Week 2: Getting Enough Protein

Week 3: How to Drink More Water

Week 4: Being Consistent with Exercise

Week 5: The Importance of Sleep 

Week 6: Stress Management is Key

Includes bonus goal trackers and recipes as well as some fun healthier dessert recipes!

Healthy Eating Guide Sale.jpg

Healthy Eating


This Healthy Eating Guide helps you learn to create healthy meals and snacks and provides tons of amazing recipes to get you started.

  • Learn the most important nutrition information and how to apply it in your own life

  • Examples of how to build your own healthy meals with foods YOU love

  • Understand satiety vs fullness and how to STOP overeating


  • 11 healthy and easy breakfast ideas

  • 11 healthy and easy lunch ideas

  • 13 healthy and easy dinner recipes

  • 15 healthy and easy snack ideas

You will love how easy and effortless this guide makes healthy eating for you!

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